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Welcome, to Rabiul Islam International Pvt Ltd. Thank you for your interest in our Company.

Rabiul Islam International Pvt Ltd. is able to create its own good  will and a name for itself. We understand that the heart of your business beats beyond borders. That’s why we’re dedicated to streamlining your import and export processes, ensuring a seamless flow of goods across continents. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the intricacies of international trade, we’re not just a company, we’re your global trading partner.

What We Export

Fruits & Vegetables
Fresh from the farm to your table, our selection of fruits and vegetables promises quality and taste. From crisp apples to juicy oranges, and vibrant carrots to leafy spinach, each item is hand-picked for its freshness and flavor.
Spices Products
Spice up your dishes with our premium selection of spices sourced from around the globe. From aromatic cinnamon to fiery chili powder, our products guarantee to add depth and flavor to any cuisine.
Grocery Products
Discover the finest selection of globally sourced grocery products for your culinary delights. From exotic nuts & seeds to premium grains, our diverse range ensures an authentic taste of cultures from around the world.
Namkeen & Frozen
Discover the taste of India with our exquisite range of Namkeen and frozen food products. From crunchy snacks to delectable meals, our offerings capture the authentic flavors of Indian cuisine.
Handicraft Products
Our curated collection features unique pieces crafted with skill and passion by talented artisans. From intricately carved wooden sculptures to vibrant hand-woven textiles, each product tells a story of tradition and creativity.
Copper Products
Discover the timeless elegance and enduring quality of our copper products. From cookware to decor, our range offers exceptional craftsmanship and versatility.
Imitation Jewellery
Elevate your style with our exquisite collection of fine jewelry crafted with precision and passion. From timeless classics to contemporary designs, our pieces showcase unparalleled elegance and sophistication.
Transform your living space with our curated selection of luxurious furniture. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail and quality materials, our pieces blend timeless design with modern functionality.
Leather Products
Elevate your style with our premium leather goods, blending classic elegance with modern sophistication. Experience the epitome of quality and craftsmanship with our exclusive collection.
Garment Products
Experience fashion-forward sophistication with our premium garment selection. Crafted with the finest materials and attention to detail, our clothing exudes luxury and comfort.
Ceramic & Stone Products
Explore elegance and durability with our exquisite ceramic and stone products. Finely crafted by skilled artisans, each piece reflects superior craftsmanship and timeless beauty.
Packaging Products
Simplify your packing needs with our comprehensive selection of high-quality packing products. From sturdy cardboard boxes to bubble wrap and tape, we offer everything required for secure and efficient packaging.

Hear It from Them - Real Stories of Our Clients

Rabiul Islam International Pvt Ltd has been instrumental in the expansion of our product line across the Middle East.

Their adept handling of logistics and customs nuances has allowed us to focus on our business without worrying about the complexities of international shipping.

Dildar Ali


The team at Rabiul Islam International went above and beyond to ensure our perishable goods were delivered under strict deadlines and with the utmost care.

We’ve not only saved on costs but also increased our market reach thanks to their swift delivery services.

Naimur Rahaman


As a small business owner, I was intimidated by the thought of exporting my products.

 But Rabiul Islam International Pvt Ltd made it a smooth and easy process, providing support every step of the way. I’m grateful for their personalized approach and genuine interest in my company’s growth.

Koushik Roy